a little snippet of some commission stuff i’m working on for patrick~ C:

he asked me to draw him like my cyberneticats characters and boy did i have fun with that ; u ; <3

when will ouginaks be a playable class ugh

i put myself in the mood to keep drawing masqs oop

masqueraiders don’t give a shit

they do what they want

i couldn’t sleep so i doodled rainbow panda OC

i haven’t drawn my OCs in like a million years uGH

oh yeah here’s a quick animation i had to do for class earlier

i used my gobgob because gobgobs are cute and i love them and i sold my soul to wakfu ahaha…

hawlucha is rad as heckers and i keep 100 of them on my team

something feels off

i’m so proud of our little wakfu fandom ; u ; we got to over $100,000 and hopefully we’ll make it to $200,000

i’m really happy to see a bunch of new people getting interested in the series too!  wakfu is very important to me and i’m just super happy with all the support it’s gotten over the past few days <3

so here’s a yugo doodle because there’s no way i can draw stuff for all 1296 people separately (though i would if i could)